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Stop Hiding Start Healing 

Stop Hiding Start Healing

Craig Brown, overcame a life of pain, shame and destruction and experienced a major life breakthrough that transformed his entire life.

In his new book, Stop Hiding Start Healing, Brown shares his 20+ years of experience helping thousands of people through Christ-centered recovery discover how to be set free from the pain, shame and guilt of their past, so that they can live a life of freedom, meaning and purpose. You will discover how to uncover the root cause of your pain and shame while finding freedom from pornography, alcohol, food, anger, depression, anxiety, co-dependency, prescription meds, drugs, grief and isolation - things we use to hide instead of heal. 
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Nick Lowery

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame, 
Harvard MPA, Dartmouth BA, Former White House Drug Abuse Policy Office, NFL Man of the Year for the KC Chiefs and NY Jets

We all are children at heart. And that children’s innocence can be a blessing, or a curse. Its sweet vulnerability interrupted can lock us down to old traumas and shame that brand us permanently (we think) to fearful limitations and soulful wounds that we think we can never overcome. Craig Brown’s timely book arrives on the surging tragic confusing wave of the COVID virus, when old fears find new roots to prosper – if we let them. Craig’s lifetime of Christian recovery ministry informs a profound book that will help families and individuals out of pain, fear and same into the sunlight of our own innate Spiritual power to heal ourselves and those around us. We owe this book to our friends, ourselves, and our veterans who deserve a life free from childhood and adult traumas. We all have a lifetime of work that can become an art form of living. Craig Brown helps us reclaim the living masterpiece within us!

"Your book STOP HIDING START HEALING has made a monumental impact on my life and I haven't even finished. I have read so many books and never related anywhere close to the level I do with this"
Kimberly M

Diane Anastasi

Ministry & Church Member
Craig Brown teaches and speaks to our brokenness, God has walked with him, taught him, healed him, and blessed him and others abundantly. He's anointed and his mission is to help others walk with the Lord and break chains of bondage all while we become grounded in our relationship with Jesus. Thank you Craig for all you have done for my family. I love you brother!
"STOP HIDING START HEALING is a wonderful book written by our dear friend, Craig Brown, and now there's an online course to further help in your journey towards healing. Craig has a heart to help others through his transparency about his own struggles., and he's available to speak at your event as he shares inspiration and encouragement from his book STOP HIDING START HEALING and how you can be set free from your pain, shame and guilt" Debbie M
"Craig's book has blessed my family. His testimony is powerful and can be ours as well.
So many of us are bleeding on the inside. Healing is not just for the body. It's also for the mind, soul, and emotions from wounds we have carried for way too long" Patricia H
"One of the best motivational speakers I have ever heard. Have you heard the expression "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"? This man really cares and shares his knowledge with great empathy and passion" Darcy S.

John C. Umhau, MD MPH CPE
Emotional pain is a part of life. For some, it is a bump in the road, but for many, it has a devastating impact, causing missed opportunities, broken relationships, and addiction. In this book, Craig Brown presents engaging stories of redemption which will inspire even those in the most hopeless situations. Because this book is filled with a diversity of human experiences, it can speak to anyone, but because Craig writes from decades of experience with Christian recovery ministry, it will speak especially to those open to a deeper spiritual experience of life.
I recommend this book to anyone struggling with alcoholism or other addictions who wonders if guilt, shame, or past trauma might hold them back from living their best life. I know Craig’s work, and I have met people he writes about in this book. Their stories are true; Why not find out if Craig’s message will be true for you? 
"If you are struggling with addiction or know someone who is, please consider Craig Brown’s book and course as a means to unchain yourself or your loved one from the shame and the burdens of addiction. Craig is a compassionate mentor, coach and provider of the tools needed to transition away from an excruciating existence and the understanding that only Christ can make it possible. If you’re in pain, reach out to Craig today. I can personally vouch for his integrity and sincere desire to help you change your life" Shaun S 
Proven Path To Healing & Restoration
 Why We Hide Our Pain, Shame & Guilt
 Be Set Free From The Pain Of Your Past
 Live a Life of Meaning & Purpose
Our Mission & Purpose
The Purpose of this book is to offer a beacon of hope as well as guidance and direction for those who struggle with pain, shame, guilt, chemical dependency, sexual addiction, eating disorders, financial issues, co-dependency, anger, abuse, smoking, relationship issues, and depression.

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Craig Brown
Speaker & Author
Craig Brown is the founder of Stop Hiding Start Healing, a Christ-centered non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry serving individuals who struggle with addiction and other life issues. Stop Hiding Start Healing hosts seminars, retreats, conferences in addition to coaching and online support groups. Craig is an accomplished speaker, recovery pastor and author of the online course and book Stop
Hiding Start Healing. He is also the host of the Stop Hiding Start Healing Podcast. Craig overcame a life of pain, shame and destruction and experienced a major life breakthrough that transformed his entire life. He has served thousands through Christ-centered recovery since 1999. Craig resides in the Washington DC area with his wife and three sons.
Craig Brown
Speaker & Author
What’s in it For You? 
  • ​Learn how to be set free from pain, shame, guilt and hurt
  • ​How to be set free from the pain of the past
  • ​How to live a life of meaning and purpose
  • ​How to create a new past
  • ​How to be set free from destructive habits and behaviors that lead to unhealthy patterns, relationships and a life riddled with problems 
  • ​How to break the unhealthy life cycle (shame, pain, unhealthy life cycles)
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